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The hardest habit to kick when coding Python

The semi-colon reflex

I like Python, and I can see myself loving it the more I use it, especially since it’s great for when I need to write a quick script to do something. But whenever I’m coding Python, I find it particularly difficult to break the habit of terminating statements with a semi-colon.

FindZilla GitHub Repository

Last week I released the Chrome extension FindZilla that I’ve been developing on and off for the last few months. The experience was a great opportunity freshen up my JavaScript/ HTML5/ CSS3 skills, as well as utilize the JavaScript libraries jQuery and jQuery UI.

Check out my Chrome extension FindZilla!

I’ve published the Chrome browser extension I’ve been working on, FindZilla, to Chrome Web Store.

Sayonara Experts-Exchange!

It occurred to me recently that my life has had one less major annoyance due to the death of Experts-Exchange!

Series of Tubes Reference

I was reading through the Chrome extensions API, and came across this amusing reference to the (in)famous “Series of Tubes” speech by the now deceased former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens: